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ECMN Limited specialises in equipment-supply and bridges the gap between manufacturers and end-users. We guarantee to satisfy the manufacturers and end-users alike, as we strive to be the ultimate integrator and the answer to all their equipment-supply needs.


Founded in 2005, we have steadily grown to become a leading player in East and Central Africa. Our clients and partners have continuously been pleased by our superlative services. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing solutions adapted to global clients. We endeavour to be the best at everything we do. Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients and suppliers are satisfied. We are committed to serve.

For many years now, ECMN’s partners and clients have given witness to a great many encouraging results. Starting with a team of few, but dedicated specialists, we have steadily left professional footprints on many corners of the globe. We have stayed true to our mission, by resolutely acting as a people-centred company. Since inception, ECMN has repeatedly met manufacturers’ and customers’ needs.

Just to highlight a few milestones: we have supplied equipment to at least 150 projects in the education sector—mainly high schools and universities. In the same sector, we have developed particular expertise in the support of TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) colleges in Rwanda, and in the region. In addition, we have supplied equipment to numerous projects in the agriculture and in the hospitality sectors in the East Africa region. ECMN Ltd is a member of the Private Sector Federation Rwanda (PSF) and East African Business Council (EABC).

Committed to Serve